A Model Of

The account of the promise of God to Abraham is an extremely important part of the Pentateuch.  It is this promise that sees a nation come from him.  Abraham, formerly Abram, was told to move from his home and he obeyed without question.  It is this faith that causes God to show favor on Abraham. […]

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5 Pastoral Responsibilites

The role of the Pastor does not cease when the worship service is over. It actually  carries into the rest of the week.  The Pastor has many tasks and the temptation to be pulled in many different directions is great.  However, there are five responsibilities that God has clearly communicated. OVERSEE: A Pastor is to oversee […]

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Today we are discussing the heartbeat of the Gospel, forgiveness and reconciliation. We wanted to go back to the basics. Back to the beginning, the central point of Christianity, the Gospel. The Gospel is so simple yet so superlative, so infinite yet attainable. The Gospel can never be limited to a single verse, track or […]

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