5 Biblical Leadership Styles

Each of us have unique personalities accompany by different strengths and weaknesses. The same could be said when it comes to approaching leadership. Here are 5 leaders from the Bible and how God used them within their personalities. What are some takeaways from this article? God uses common people to lead Diversity is a strength... Continue Reading →

5 Bible Interpretive Tools

Most of the churches I have been apart of have small groups throughout the week. This allows people to live alongside other Christians to draw each other’s attention back to God’s Word. Today’s article is to offer some practical tools for your study. Determine The Scope Of The Historical Narrative Under Consideration. Who are the... Continue Reading →

5 False Perceptions On Pastor’s

Just as children go through developmental phases, a Christian goes through progressive sanctification. One folder in the file cabinet of life is our perceptions and understanding of the responsibility of the pastor. Let’s look at 5 false perceptions we build from sources outside Scripture. 1. Pastors Change People: We have heard of many occasions when people... Continue Reading →

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