6 Great Occasions When Jesus Prayed

Before we get into the article let us pray... “God, you are good and true. Forgive us for doing, without going to You first. Thank You for this day, that You for saving and sustaining us. Give us Your Spirit, and encourage and equip us for this day. In Jesus Name, amen.” 1. Baptism Luke... Continue Reading →

4 Stages Of Discipleship

Guest Author: One of the goals at The True Vine is to help highlight other Christian blogs and increase the exposure of quality Christian sites. Articles published as guest blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions held here at The True Vine, but they are still within the spectrum of Biblical scholarship and Christian doctrine.... Continue Reading →

3 Ways To Apply The Gospel To Culture

Presenting the gospel has always been a recurring topic among Christians. I asked a handful of individuals what the gospel was in their own words? “The gospel helps us pray, and get into the Word more and become more like Christ.” “The gospel directs our hearts to love as Jesus did.” “The gospel saves us... Continue Reading →

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